Corporate clients

Our company that is operating under the “Market” trademark is very pleased to offer a sked quality services on the Ukrainian market of petroleum products that will satisfy even the most demanding customers

What do we offer to the corporate client?
• A possibility to obtain an “M-card”, a fuel card that incorporates universal flexibilities and advantages. For more detailed information, take a look under the “Corporate cards” menu.

• If desired, fuel coupons, prepaid fuel account. Detailed information about this you will be able to find under the menu “Coupons and Accounts”
• High quality fuel by world leading producers at a reasonable price available at our 98 petrol stations throughout Ukraine
• A possibility to get frequent shipments, of high quality fuel, by world leading producers, directly from an oil terminal near you, operated by one of our partners

This is more than a wholesale of quality high octane petroleum and diesel for transport companies, farmers, state departments, large companies and terminals, shipped to any region of Ukraine

It is also logistics, distribution of petroleum products by fuel cards, expedition services and storage.

Quality of the shipped fuel, frequency and stability of distribution, decency and justice, are the factors enabling us to achieve long-term relations based on trust and lucrative possibilities

Highly skilled personnel of our company, have 20 year long experience of the market. Because of that they will always be able to help you find the ultimate operation plan, suggest the lowest prices range, optimize your costs and schedule while transporting, storing and distributing your purchased or ordered petroleum products.
We are constantly striving to achieve even higher levels of quality in services and methods of interaction with our clients. We are widely applying automation and innovation when organizing technological and business management processes, based on the latest achievements of contemporary science and global experiences.
• For closer and closer acquaintance with our possibilities, please visit the chapter of our web site that is you are most interested in.