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Купонные распродажи — направление в интернет-маркетинге, обеспечивающее для клиентов возможность получения значительных скидок на товары и услуги, а для заведений значительное расширение клиентской базы за счет предоставления больших скидок (до 90 %) определенному минимальному числу клиентов, совершающих покупку единовременно.

Функцию связного звена между продавцом и клиентом («купонщиком») на рынке коллективных покупок берут на себя купонные сайты, или сайты скидок, которые мотивируют поставщика услуг.


The coupons of our network are still very popular amongst our clients

The coupons are appealing because of the simplicity they offer. When acquiring “Market” coupons, the client is pegging the price to that moment and has the possibility to fuel up at any given moment.
What are the advantages, Coupons vs “M-card”?

• The coupon gives you an anonymity, you do not have to have a card account

• In case when the need of the coupons is no longer present, the client has the possibility and right to trade them with other clients.
Our Company is issuing the “Perevaga” card, which we think will satisfy our clients the most in terms of….

Never the less, if you want to acquire our coupons which will provide you with a possibility of obtaining high-quality petroleum products at a very reasonable price, we will be more than happy accommodate you.
The coupons are issued with a value of 10, 20 and 50 liters and will allow you to refuel your vehicle with any type of product it requires.

The coupons are accepted at all of our petrol stations

What you do gain by using “Market” coupons instead of others
• No expire date. You can use a coupon you bought many years ago!

• Our coupons are accepted at all of our petrol station in any region
The coupons can be used by a private customer as well as by a business. The client can acquire coupons by cash payment and of course by a wire transfer

How to acquire the coupons




You will have a great difficulty to determine if the coupon offered to you is an original one or a forgery. This is the main reason we are recommending you to acquire all coupons at our offices which are located at the addresses you will find under the menu “Contacts”
We will be most happy to provide you with any information that might interest you at the Hot Line or under the “Feedback” meny.

The “Market” coupons for the security reasons are issued:
• With a holographic image
• With a unique barcode
• With a logotype that is consistent with the type and value

For instance

• At the top, the name of the company in Ukrainian «ТОВ «Торговий дiм «Маркет-плюс»

Here will give you examples of what a “Market” coupon looks like