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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. What bank can I use to refill my card?

Your card can be refilled at a register of any bank convenient for you, by transferring funds to our account number in compliance with the agreement signed with us (at the moment р/р 26000001161614, в Укрексімбанк м. Ужгород, МФО 312226, ТОВ «Карт маркет»), do not forget put down the number of the card you would like to have refilled in the field purpose of the payment

2. Do you have any petrol stations in Odessa?

I do often travel there for business and I would like to continue to use your petrol In Odessa we two petrol stations, on the Chimichna 1 and on Chernomorskogo Kazachestva 175, besides that we have a station in the Odessa region in the town of Ovidiopol Dzerzhinskogo 1a.The complete list of our petrol stations you will be able to download on our website under the menu “Documents and forms” submenu “Fuel cards”

3. Tell me please do your petrol stations carry winter diesel, and if yes which ones?

Winter Diesel is carried by all our stations, in northern regions from November, Southern December 2013

4. Who are your petroleum product suppliers?

Our petrol station carry following types of fuels
A-92 Oil refinery “Mozyr” Belorus
A-95 Hungary
A-80 Oil refinery “Mozyr” Belorus
Diesel GazpromNeft Oil refinery Omsk Russia

5. What are the advantages of your fuel cards?

A consistent high quality of petrol at our stations, a very satisfying level of price, together with a very flexible discount system, separate account for every card, the highest level of security and the possibility to include the convenience store products into the discount system.

6. Why do the prices at the petrol station in Ukraine fluctuate?

A significant part of the petroleum products on the Ukrainian market is imported. The price on the imported product is very depended on the oil prices on the international markets. Oil itself being a commodity traded daily at the exchange has its own price determined by the rates any given second. As the result the prices at the stations in Ukraine just as sensitive to those rates and almost impossible to predict
Never the less, prices at our petrol stations are always amongst the lowest, while the quality is the highest.

7. Can get any discount purchasing fuel with my credit card?

You are able to get a discount independent of which form of payment you find convenient for you. All that you have to do is enter the “Razom” client club. This will give you an opportunity to obtain a “Perevaga” bonus card and constantly receive privileges from the clubs campaigns
Moreover by being a “Razom” member you can obtain an “M-card” and achieve even higher level of discounts, at the moment 2% off of already amongst the lowest prices on the market In the “Market” network and at our partners.

8. What do I gain by always fueling at your stations and how do I use it?

You and your family can join the loyalty program by entering the “Razom” client club and take advantage of all the privileges, such as Fueling high quality product using flexible discount system Convenient services together with high level of security while using our cards. Ability to get 2% discount on almost all acquisitions using the “M-card”, which at the moment on petroleum products comes to an approximate 20 kopeck per liter

 9. Do you accept at your stations in the Nikolaev region fuel cards issued by other petrol networks?

10. I have always used fuel coupons. Why should I change to fuel card?

The “M-card” have the following significant advantages over fuel coupons Multiple uses. Coupons you have to purchase at the company offices, while the “M-card” you can refill where ever. When you have a card you are a member of the “Razom” client club. Members of the club are entitled to a wider sked of campaigns going on in the “Market” network, and all that in addition to those incredible discounts you have using the “M-card”

11. What to do in case I lose my card?

The company provides you with a hot line service where you can always report loss, damage or theft of your “M-card”. If you have access to the internet you can report via e-mail. As soon as we get this type massage our company will block the reported card with in a reasonable time, but no more than 48 hours. So if you inform us in time and assuming you have no given your PIN code to anybody, the remaining balance (liters or UAH) will stay unchanged. You are entitled to a new card in compliance with terms and conditions in our signed agreement regarding serving the fuel card.

12. What is a PIN code on my “M-card” and what is its use?

Together with the card, the new cardholder is receiving a Personal Identification Number or abbreviated PIN. This secret code is absolutely crucial for any use of the card in a payment terminal. Our cashiers will ask you to enter your PIN-code.
We do strongly recommend never to give out your PIN-code, to eliminate the possibility of misuse if your card should lost or stolen.

 13. Hi! How do I check the balance of my card?

You should contact our customer service by the tel. you find under the “Contact” menu. You can also get a balance check at one of our petrol stations participating in the loyalty program, while fueling up or shopping. If you are a corporate client you will have the balance in your monthly report.

14. Are you looking onto employ class-one drivers? I am a truck driver looking for work. What are the criteria I will have to meet?

You should contact our human resources department by the tel. you find under the “Contact” menu.