Cards for business

Gas station fuel cards "Market" for business

Corporate clients with a large fleet of motor vehicles can get the maximum benefits of Smart cardholders. After filling out the paperwork, you become the owner of a “Smart Card” fuel card and can enjoy all the privileges.
Gas station fuel cards work according to the following scheme:
1. Top up the “Smart Card” by transferring funds to the appropriate account. 2. You give the fuel card to the drivers of your vehicles. 3. Select a gas station from the list of the “Market” network that supports the “Smart Card” program. When ordering fuel, the driver must hand over the fuel card to the cashier operator. 4. At the suggestion of our specialist, the driver enters the confirmation code into the terminal that reads the card. 5. After successful refueling, the driver receives a check from the cashier operator, confirming the success of the operation.

Variants of operation of fuel cards

Owners of “Smart Card” fuel cards can choose the most convenient work option for themselves. It may be:

1. Electronic wallet in hryvnia. Refueling of motor vehicles takes place on the terms of subscription and in accordance with the rules of the Loyalty Program. The fuel tariff is based on the prices that are valid at the time of contacting the gas station.
2. Wallet in liters. The limit on the card is valid within the framework of the previously formed fuel volume in liters. There is no difference in the price of gasoline or diesel fuel at the gas station at the time of refueling. The amount of fuel available for refueling is formed during the transfer of funds to the card in accordance with the Loyalty Rules. It has a fixed price that is effective at the time of subscription.

Why should you prefer the "Smart-card" card?

Stable high quality of petroleum products at gas stations of the "Market" network

The security of the cards is guaranteed by an appropriate protection system

Competitive prices, complemented by permanent discount offers

Transparent reporting of the movement of funds and fuel for each card

«Smart Сard»

The smart card is an electronic plastic card, decorated with a built-in chip. Its main purpose is to keep track of the number and assortment of goods and services received by the Buyer at gas stations operating under the TM “Market” trademark. Currently, the smart card has ceased to perform the role of a payment instrument, but is only a technical means for calculating operations for the transfer of petroleum products (hereinafter referred to as goods).
What are the advantages of refueling with fuel cards over paying with bank cards?
1. Your current account is reliably protected even if the card disappears (lost, stolen).
2. Savings on commission costs and interest.
3. A higher level of protection compared to plastic cards equipped with a magnetic strip.
4. Availability of a unique code – the fuel card has a serial identification number.
5. Putting an identification number on the card.
6. Each card has a unique access code – the original PIN code.

"Smart card" - will increase your profit!

The key advantage of using “Smart Card” smart cards is the possibility of organizing high-quality work in “off-line” mode. Customers receive fuel at gas stations continuously, regardless of external factors. The presence of a built-in chip allows you to store all important information on the fuel smart card – the remaining fuel in liters or funds, completed operations. In other words, refueling vehicles using a fuel card does not require connection to any external systems. This eliminates the possibility of not receiving fuel due to a lack of communication with a remote server.